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Links route to Antone's Record Shop, a local shop in Austin, TX, which supported and was supported by Denny throughout his career.

New Release!

The Amazing Denny Freeman

Reissue of Denny's first two albums, originally on Amazing Records, Blues Cruise and Out of the Blue.
Also contains bonus "Out of Control" from Denny's earliest singles.

This release marks the first time back in print in over 30 years, and first time the albums are available on CD in their entirety!

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on these albums

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The Cobras 

Caught live at 
the continental club

This Jungle Records reissue marks the first time this recording is digitally available in the States. First released on a 10 inch EP by a local independent label, (then briefly available on CD in Europe) this recording captures the energy and power the Cobras' live shows were known for by 1981. Denny's guitar playing matches vocalist Junior Medlow punch for punch, and what used to be a rare find in local record shops now serves as a demonstration of why, in a town filled with guitar players, Denny remained among the most highly revered.


Includes 8 additional tracks not available on the original 10 inch, and one track not heard on the European release.


Diggin' on dylan

Denny's final studio output, released at the conclusion of his tenure in Bob Dylan's touring band, features 16 all-instrumental renditions one of America's greatest songwriters. While perhaps a confusing premise on theory, in practice, the album demonstrates Denny's unsung arranging abilities, as he interprets songs spanning Dylan's entire career, from 1962's Freewheelin to 2006's Modern Times (which Denny played on himself). Sans words, Denny is nonetheless able to tease out the songs' emotion, giving listeners a taste of what may have led to him getting Dylan's call in the first place.


Limited stock remaining.


Twang Bang

Denny's second LA-based album is in a (somewhat more) mellow tone, reflecting his continued exploration of mid-century jazz composition and instrumentation. His rock & roll and blues influences are never far from earshot, as evidenced by tracks like "Cream, No Sugar," "Jimijam" and "Jimmy Reed Again."

Featuring Clem Burke (Blondie) on drums and Kathy Valentine (The Go-Gos) on guitar.


A Tone For My Sins

Denny's 3rd album, and his first to be recorded and released in his adopted city of Los Angeles, is Texas power with a bit of LA polish. An amalgam of influences both new and old, Tone finds tasteful swing and jazz numbers resting beside potent rockers like "Vigilante" and "Aftershock" that would resonate with live crowds for the remainder of Denny's career. Also includes an update of the Chuck Berry homage, "Stealin' Berries, Part II," proving that even if the sound grows and changes, the impulse remains the same.


Out of the Blue (cassette)

New old stock.

Cassette is the only format where Out of the Blue is currently available in its entirety.


Denny's second album, released in 1988, finds him moving beyond the potentially dangerous 'blues guitarist' pigeon hole. Tunes like "Testifyin"s pounding piano showcase his instrumental talents beyond the guitar, while "Entoufee" "Acapulco Rain" and "Lost Incas" speak to an ear forever open to new sounds. Denny's growing interest in jazz ballad sound and structure can be heard throughout the record, perhaps most notably on "My Dominique". Also includes live staples "Soul Street" and "Z".


Out of Control /
denny's blues
(7" vinyl)

New old stock.

Denny's first release under his own name, this 45 features two songs from his out of print debut album, Blues Cruise.

The A side features Angela Strehli on vocals, while the B side, "Denny's Blues," was a fan favorite and a career staple at live shows.

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